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Re: nameservers

On Sun, 22 Jul 2001, Richard Horvitz wrote:

> Recently I found netscape unable to find the web server which manages my
> home page, though I could access this page from my friend's machine (a
> different ISP).  It seemed that the nameservers specified in
> /etc/resolv.conf were no longer working, and I replaced them with the
> addresses of other nameservers, which immediately cleared up the problem.
> Unfortunately, every time I reboot the machine this file gets reset back
> to its old state.  Why is this happening, and what can I do to permanently
> change the file.
>   Thanks for any help,
>     Richard

If you are getting you IP address through DHCP, this file gets updated 
anytime DHCP gets a new address. The contents are comming from your ISP, 
so tell them their servers are broken. If you want to specify a particular 
nameserver and keep it there, you can try a few things. I generally do 
this the "wrong way", but it works for me. I change the /etc/resolv.conf 
to what I want, then I run (as root) 'chattr +i /etc/resolf.conf'. This 
will make it so that even root can't directly change the file. (you would 
need to 'chattr -i /etc/resolf.conf' first) If you have a firewall set up, 
you can run named on your own box and tell /etc/resolv.conf to look at and it will work fine. 

What's the "right way" you ask? I was afraid you would ask. I forgot. 
That's why I do it the "wrong way". But it involves the network scripts.

Chris Kloiber, RHCE
Enterprise Support - Red Hat, Inc.

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