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Re: Rage 128

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Mike Chambers wrote:

>> We just got 30 new p4 Gateway workstations. Ok machines.  I need to get X
>> working I did install in graphical mode.  But i cant get any anything to
>> run I have tryed every ati driver, genric drivers and the unsuported card
>> x servers.  Nothing seems to work. When I do an lspci I get "vga
>> controller : ATI Technologies inc: Unknown device 5446"   Could it be that
>>  Gateway had a custom video card made? Uncomapatible Mo board. Another
>> that would help is if anyone knows what x server starts for a graphical
>> install.
>X 3 is used during the install IIRC (Mike H.?).

XFree86 FBdev from 3.3.6 is used to run the installer in, it is
not used for testing your hardware.

>Try ls -l /etc/X11/X and see which version X is linked to.  If
>XFree86 then it's 4 and it would then use the
>/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.

Correct.  This card is unsupported though.  ATI cards are in
general quite well supported in XFree86, but that does not mean
that every single card is supported yet.  Before anyone purchases
any video hardware they should find out *FIRST* if it is
supported by asking on xpert xfree86 org, and providing their
PCI ID's from the output of "lspci -vn".

Currently any ATI cards labeled Rage SM or Rage S* or Rage T* are
not supported.  The newest bleeding edge cards of any
manufacturer are not supported in general either because it takes
time to develop and integrate drivers into XFree86, and then into

That said, ATI is very good with providing updated drivers as
quickly as possible.  There *might* be support for the TF in
the Red Hat 4.1.0 in rawhide soon as I've received some patches
from ATI to test out.  No guarantees though, but if it is stable,
there is a good chance it will stay in rawhide.  This stuff won't
likely make mainstream XFree86 until 4.2.0 is released though.

Summary:  Don't buy video hardware (or any hardware for that
matter) before checking that the specific piece of hardware is
supported.  In addition, if a piece of hardware is listed as
supported and that hardware has some special feature you want to
use, MAKE SURE that THAT SPECIFIC FEATURE is supported as well.
For example, the Radeon VE is now supported, but not all of its
features are yet.  xpert xfree86 org is the place to ask if you
don't know how to check for it yourself.

XFree86 supported PCI ID's:

If a card isn't in there, it is more or less unsupported.  Might
work if you hack it by lying in the config what card it is, might
lock up your system also.

If a card is supported in X, but not in Xconfigurator, you can
look in the "Cards" file that comes with Xconfigurator to see if
it is there.  Also the card should be listed in the pcitable that
comes with kudzu.

Yes, this is overly complex poop.


    Mike A. Harris  -  Linux advocate  -  Open Source advocate
       Opinions and viewpoints expressed are solely my own.

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