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Re: Get the perfect accessory to Red Hat Network

"Steven W. Orr" wrote:
> If there's a human reading this then please take note that you are now on
> notice: If I ever get any more advertisments cluttering up my mailbox I
> will unsubscribe. In addition, I find it to be just plain smarmy to
> provide an unsubscribe URL which goes out of its way to provide a way of
> unsubscribing from all RH email without being able to distinguish between
> what it was that I *did* subscribe to and the spam you sent me.
1 - lighten up

2 - see the paragraph that read...

The above email is intended for people who have opted
in to receiving information from Red Hat. If you think 
that you have received this email in error, please accept 
our apologies. Simply click on the link in the section below 
and we'll make sure that you do not receive this kind of 
email from Red Hat again.

I am pretty much of the belief that this was generated by registering
for up2date.


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