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Re: kernel trouble

> I'm puzzled.
> I've compiled and installed kernel 2.4.16
> It's been running a treat for weeks now.
> Today and yesterday, both up2date and Ximian's redcarpet have been
> borking on an Xfree86 update.
> My wife's computer running 2.4.9-12 was updated without a problem.
> Here's what's confusing me with my machine:
> [kubla localhost kubla]$  rpm -qa|grep kernel
> kernel-pcmcia-cs-3.1.24-2
> kernel-2.4.2-2
> kernel-2.4.9-12
> kernel-headers-2.4.9-12
> [kubla localhost kubla]$ uname -r
> 2.4.16
> Why does uname return the correct kernel version and why does rpm
> report something that I know is patently untrue. How do I update this
> information so that up2date and redcarpet are aware that I'm running a
> new kernel?
> I hope someone can help.
> All the best,
> Ian

Most likely, you didn't use RPM to install the new kernel
thus RPM doens't know anything about it.
If you add any software at all to the computer without using
RPM to install it then you have problems:
1) RPM doesn't even know it exists
2) dependencies on "packages" that have been manually installed
   without RPM will not work
3) I'm sure there are other problems ... but you get the idea
To avoid this you have to build an RPM of your patched kernel
I've never tried but I've seen comments about it here a few times
- check the archives or e.g. check google's cache if the archive
search is as bad as some people have suggested


MS ... if only he hadn't been hang gliding!

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