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Re: kernel problem

On Wed  6 February 2002 15:28, you (Ian Firla) wrote:
> With the risk, then, being of finding yourself in my position... compile
> your own kernel and the rpm database doesn't know anything about it...
> good luck with up2date forever there after. :\

It's calculated danger. I accepted this -> newest kernel = problems with rpm.
This way you have much more satisfaction :-) It's YOUR OWN KERNEL :-)))

There were some solutions to the rpm unconsistency. Someone suggested, for 
example, creating 'dummy' kernel rpm with proper version... 

About up2date - when my RedHat 7.1 was new, fresh and I was a young and fresh 
Linuxer, the up2date had some problems with connecting, so i started to use 
ftp and I got familiar with strange commands of the type: for x in *.rpm ; do 
if rpm -q -a | grep `echo $x | cut ...... Real fun! :-))))


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