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Re: tranferring of bakup from linux to windows

> > > Agreed. That's what I do here - make several tar.bz2 archives
> > > (/etc,/usr/local,/var,/home) and put them into an smbmounted
> > > directory.
> >
> > Why several? You're misleading here. The whole point of tar is to create
> > archives which you can also compress. The compression method you choose is
> > up to you: gz, bz2, etc but the point is that you can archive entire
> > directory trees recursively. Why on earth would you break them up? Unless
> > you were reaching your file system's theoretical file size limits.
> why are you so opposed to having more than one archive?  that makes
> perfect sense.  if only one of your directories/filesystems goes bad,
> you need only copy/restore one of the archive files.  methinks you
> doth protest way too much about what seems to be a thoroughly
> reasonable approach.

Well, for one, because the original question was about preserving a file
and directory structure.

Second, you can pick and choose what you want to expand from a tar ball.
You don not need to "tar xvf fobbar.tar", you can pick out what you want
with the proper use of the following switches described in "man tar".


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