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RE: RH firewall

You ask about exchange and don't say whether 5.5 or 2k. MSX 5.5 requires RPC
unless you only implement Internet services (pop, imap, smtp, ldap). I don't
know if 2k requires RPC.

You say you're using  the RH firewall. I guess that means you are using
ipchains? /etc/services shows the standard port each application listens on.
The links to ipchains docs will guide you through setting up the fw.

??????? 3. If there's opened-port by the firewall, how can I secure it?

Read the ipchains docs.

Any app running on the fw reduces efficiency of the fw and exposes the
application to greater risk. As a general rule DON'T install apps on the fw.



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On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, C1tr1c 4c1d wrote:

> Dear Senior,
> I've made my ipchains+squid on my rh72 box to be my future firewall. There
> is 2 things that I would like to ask:
> 1. I have an exchange server behind the RH firewall, how could I make it
> available on the net (now i'm using M$Exchange and set it out-sided with
> M$Proxy)

> 2. If should redirect the port 25 on the RH firewall (out-side eth) to
> my M$Exchange, how could I do that?

I have done this very easily with iptables with the

Or you can use ipchains with the ofllowing:

> 3. If there's opened-port by the firewall, how can I secure it?

> 4. Second option, Can I use Sendmail on the firewall and have it fwd the
> email to MsExchange.

You have to set up your firewall as your mailserver, which is not what the
firewall should be doing...

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