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Re: Network Problem Please solve this.............

Take a look on

use IPTRAF to monitor traffic

hope this helps

On Wednesday 13 February 2002 02:13 am, you wrote:
> As per our office setup we have 250 system with mixed of win2000 ,Linux and
> Solaris . also we have a router for our remote head office which is linked
> by 64kbps isdn leased line. we have not provided internet browsing in our
> network. so every one using leased line for internet browsing because the
> remote network has lot of proxy servers.
> Now the problem is
> Under normal browsing & downloading there is no problem with the link
> speed. If any one in our network starts download using Download manager to
> download mp3 or any such file the link gets very slow speed . so no one can
> work these times. These download managers takes whole bandwidth for one PC.
> so other peoples are affected by this. .  We couldn't find who consuming
> all bandwidth. Because it varies time to time also we don't have router
> enable password. In this condition
> How can i stabilize our existing link?
> Is there any tool to find which ip consumes  large leased line bandwidth ?
> I have list of proxy server in our remote network . Is there any way to
> block all those address without modifying router configuration?
> Your help will be appreciated
> Thanks in advance
> Balamurugan

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