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cd burners

Hey all:

I know this is more of an enigma question but I seem to have
difficulties trying to access and subscribe to it.  I can't get to
mailman and if I try a search at redhat it blows my netscape away.

Anyways, I am thinking of installing 7.2 on my laptop to make it a dual
boot system.  Right now my laptop has a DVD player so I am thinking of
buying a new external burner.  I have looked at some of the newer Sony,
Iomega, and Yamaha burners with USB connections, but they all demand
some flavor of a Windows OS.  I know this doesn't mean much;  my desktop
is set up dual boot with 7.1 and uses a Sony crx160 CD-RW.  I can't
remeber if I looked up that hardware or not when I installed RH, but I
know it worked..  Can't find that one on Sony's website anymore,

Sorry for the post but, does anyone have a good burner tip for me for 7?

Thanks in advance,
tel;fax:(228) 688-4853
tel;work:(228) 688-5245
org:Naval Research Laboratory;Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy
email;internet:dbrandon nrlssc navy mil
fn:Donald Brandon

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