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Re: ximian desktop

Shane C Branch wrote:
I have been hearing good things about the Ximian desktop and I am considering replacing my current KDE desktop with it. I took a look at the Ximian site, but still have some questions:

1) are any of you using it, and how do you like it?
2) what package(s) do I need to download, or will the 'net' install suffice?
3) how do I chose which desktop loads when I start X? Basically, if I don't like Ximian, which file do I need to edit to go back to KDE?


Ximian desktop is a way to install and manage GNOME.
I try Ximian Desktop the last year and I don't like it.
I had some problems with the rpms after install Ximian, looks like the path of some package change and you can't upgrade the software with a regular rpm package, only with a rpm provided by Ximian(maybe I'm wrong). I quit Ximian desktop after this issue.
I prefer GNOME before KDE, I always use GNOME, but dont' like Ximian.
Currenly I'm using Shawfish+GNOME and works very good.

The net install downloads all que packages you need.

The file for change the windowmanager is .xinitrc or something like that. Read the startx file in /usr/bin/X11/
I think you still can run KDE with $kde, but not sure.

Matías López Bergero

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