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Re: I lost my ipchain configuration

Copy the below section of code into the IP chains file ,

Change the permissions mode of the file to 600 ( /bin/chmod 600
/etc/sysconfig/ipchains ).
Make sure this file has root ownership as well as root group membership. The
colons and dashes
should be thew first characters that appear on their respective lines ( no
preceding spaces )

:input ACCEPT
:forward DENY
:output DENY
:icmp -
-A input -s -d -p 1 -j icmp
-A icmp -s -d -j ACCEPT

You can try and use this as a foundation to rebuild your ipchains file , but
I cannot guarantee
that it will work ;) have a look at the 'ipfw' command , as well as

For security reasons , people should generally not post their ipchains
information on the net ,
as this action will give a potential attacker a conceptual profile of your
network , as well as
a roadmap for how he or she could get inside your intranet. If anything ,
the Linux.slapper worm
that hit thousands of Linux servers around the world has proven that Linux
users and administrators
cannot afford to be careless.

I hope this will help !!

Regards ,

J. Dale

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Subject: I lost my ipchain configuration

> Can somebody send me a copy of the default ipchains configuration file
> (/etc/sysconfig/ipchains) that's shipped with seawolf?
> I lost mine while trying to tune it.
> Thanks,
> Cyrille
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