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Re: Email Problems

> Hi everyone,
> I have reported to my registrar what you guys have find out and they still
> beleive that they did register the 'lespagesjaunes.sn' domain correctly.
> When they execute a dig on that domain, it's my settings that appear.
> So, I've asked them to send an email to a test user account and this is what
> they get a an error:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> From: "Mail Delivery Subsystem" <MAILER-DAEMON ucad sn>
> To: <someone ucad sn>
> Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 3:10 PM
> Subject: Returned mail: Local configuration error
> >The original message was received at Sat, 3 May 2003 15:10:20 GMT
> >from []
> >
> >    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> ><test lespagesjaunes sn>
> >
> >    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> >451 MX list for lespagesjaunes.sn.ucad.sn. points back to mail.ucad.sn: No
> such file or directory
> >554 <test lespagesjaunes sn>... Local configuration error
> >
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> They cannot figure out what they have done wrongly.
> Any help?
> Best regards,
> - Omar FALL -

The message they get is apparently correct:

"MX list for lespagesjaunes.sn.ucad.sn. points back to mail.ucad.sn"

It does.

Is "mail.ucad.sn" the correct FQDN for your SMTP server?  It does advertise
itself as a Sendmail server on port 25.

YOU HAVE NO MX RECORD FOR LESPAGESJAUNES.SN.  (As I already pointed out, there
is only an SOA which places authority for this domain into the name server
"ns.ucad.sn.")  But, strangely, you have an MX record for the very confusing
domain name of "lespagesjaunes.sn.ucad.sn."

Should the MX record be:
   "lespagesjaunes.sn MX mail.ucad.sn"
instead of:
   "lespagesjaunes.sn.ucad.sn.MX mail.ucad.sn"

Here is my guess...  Because of the incorrect DNS MX entry for this domain (on
the nameserver ns.ucad.sn), email directed to the domain was sent to the only
A record discernible for the domain, which is the A record for ns.ucad.sn
(i.e., the authoritative name server).  (Wow, that is one persistent email
client!)  OK, the email addressed to test lespagesjaunes ns arrives at that
server.  It says, "Let's see where stuff intended for domain
"lespagesjaunes.sn" is supposed to go...  Oh, there is no MX record for it...
so it must be an unqualified hostname...  so, we shall append our default
qualifier (.ucad.sn) to the hostname...  OK, now we try
"lespagesjaunes.sn.ucad.sn" and voila!  There is an MX record...  but WAIT a
minute!  That MX record points right back at ME!!  That can't be right!
Error!  Kick this message out!"

It sensibly does not try to deliver the email, because it would be creating an
infinite loop.  "Oh, here, send this to myself...  Oh, look, here's a message
I need to send to myself...  Oh, look..."

Advice:  Fix the broken MX record.

Unsolicited advice:  Get rid of Sendmail and replace it with a modern,
flexible, easy to configure/understand/maintain MTA, like Exim.
(www.exim.org).  It has debugging capability which would have let you figure
out what was happening in great detail.  And it is probably the best piece of
Open Source software I have ever used.  Even if you do not use the software,
the Exim textbook has one of the best explanations of how email works.


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