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[Spacewalk-announce-list] Spacewalk 0.4 is here!

Wassup Spacewalkers,

The Spacewalk team is happy to announce the release of Spacewalk 0.4.
In a few hours, the repos will be accessible and you can install 0.4
and try it out.

Please note that with this release, Spacewalk 0.2 will no longer be
available. If you are still using Spacewalk 0.2, please upgrade to
Spacewalk 0.4.

Features & Enhancements

 * integration with Cobbler and Koan:

 * introduction of Organization Trusts and Channel sharing, known
   internally as Multi-Org II: The Sequel.

 * multi-arch enhancement to better work with multi-arch packages
   on 64-bit systems.


 * a new set of APIs, including the following namespaces:


   See https://fedorahosted.org/spacewalk/wiki/ApiAdditions for a
   complete list of APIs.

 * SELinux support added:

 * added the ability to search documentation, in Spacewalk we include
   a search index of the online docs.

 * updated the help page to include api docs and docs search.

 * more perl to java migrations

 * satellite-httpd was removed in favor of using the standard httpd

 * upgrades from 0.3 -> 0.4 available as well:

Bugs fixed

* An outstanding 118! total bugs fixed since 0.3 -

Known issues

* in order to take full advantage of the multi-arch feature, you'll need:
  - updated client packages
  - recreate the stored profiles

* Bad news is that Spacewalk running on Fedora is not yet available. The
  good news is that we have started building packages to work with
  Fedora 10. :)

* bz480233 - deleting stored profiles causes ISE

* bz479640 - do not conflict with specspo. Work around is to rpm -e specspo.


*  A special thanks goes out to Colin Coe for his continued contributions
   to the apis. Also, thanks to Todd Sanders for his Telemetry contribution.

Installation Help

jesus m. rodriguez        | jesusr redhat com
sr. software engineer     | irc: zeus
rhn satellite & spacewalk | 919.754.4413 (w)
rhce # 805008586930012    | 919.623.0080 (c)
|  "Those who cannot learn from history     |
|   are doomed to repeat it."               |
|                       -- George Santayana |

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