[Spacewalk-list] *****SPAM***** Re: Package update weirdness

Jura Berg contact at mceith.com
Fri May 28 10:26:34 UTC 2010


I have similar problem, if I do spacewalk-repo-sync to upload new updates
for prober update channel; spacewalk does not show that there is updates
available to the clients. 

If I run yum check-update on client, it will properly reveal that there is
updates available on spacewalk server. Running rhn-profile-sync on clinet
will do the trick but there was no such issue prior to 1.0.


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Aihe: *****SPAM***** Re: [Spacewalk-list] Package update weirdness

David Nutter wrote:
> It sounds like Taskomatic is not rebuilding the repository metadata. 
> Check your taskomatic logs in /var/log/rhn and also check that the 
> package cobbler-web is not installed as I believe that was causing 
> problems for others on the list.

No cobbler-web installed, but it seems Taskomatic stopped logging weeks ago.
The last few things it logged were exceptions trying to do postgresql stuff,
which is weird as I'm not trying to use pgsql at all.

> You can force an update of repository metadata by deleting the files 
> in /var/cache/rhn/repodata/.

Blew the cache away, restarted Spacewalk, and it all came good.  Thanks!


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