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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Debian support in Spacewalk

On 05/24/2010 10:40 AM, Lukáš Ďurfina wrote:

I have finished my thesis: Native Support for DEB Packages in Spacewalk
Text of the thesis is available on

Awesome. Thanks a lot.
I recommend reading first part of this thesis to everybody who want to start coding for Spacewalk. You will find there good overview.

I assume this link will stop working once you leave school. I wanted to attach it to our wiki, but I hit size limit.
I attached it to:
(should appear there in 15 minutes)

The tools for clients can be downloaded from
Is here somebody who is willing to maintain these packages? And if somebody can maintain it directly in debian, it will be perfect.

Unfortunately the clients are not able to get these packages from
Spacewalk (this would require some modification of APT as some plugin or
this feature should be first aim in the next work, but probably I will
not have time for that, if there is someone with knowledge about APT
plugins and want to try to do it, he can contact me.

I would like to clarify this. You can download this packages from WebUi if you open package detail. But you are unable to download it from client using some client tool. All we need now is equivalent of yum-rhn-plugin, but for apt-get. This plugin do this:
 1. at very start - call using xmlrpc login api and get auth key
2. put this auth key to header of every http request apt-get send to this repo.
And that's all. Volunteers?

Miroslav Suchy
Red Hat Satellite Engineering

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