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[Spacewalk-list] Having troubles importing Errata?

Hi all


Yesterday I had a chat with Steve Meier about problems import errata (with CEFS - http://cefs.steve-meier.de/ ) which we had since a few weeks.

Logs says that some CVE-Issues are already existing and thus cannot be created. But they are not listed within WebUI nor with spacecmd “errata_list”.


Steve’s suggestion that there might be some database entries (errata) which are not “handled” by WebUI / Spacecmd or generally the API calls was right. In our case the following steps solved the issue and we again can import errata information from CEFS (and EPEL repo sync):


1.       Using spacecmd tool delete all errata: spacecmd -u [youruser] -y "errata_delete *"

2.       Have a look into database (table rhnerrata) and you may find still entries within (“Select * from rhnerrata”)

3.       Delete leftover entries with “delete * from rhnerrata)


This solved our issues about complaining duplicates (importing errata which already exists – exact log message below). Just in case anyone else is struggling with this.

But as you see sql-commands are in use here (dangerous!), you may destroy your spacewalk installation upon using wrong commands / behaviour.


Kind regards,




API Failure Message:

Fault returned from XML RPC Server, fault code 2601: redstone.xmlrpc.XmlRpcFault: Errata already exists with advisory [Advisary Ident]


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