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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Kickstart Distrbution Creation Failure


Sorry for bringing this topic back up, but Lupin, did you manage to resolve this issue? I've got exactly the same problem. I created a ks distro, deleted it (don't ask why!!) and now I can't create a new one. I can't see anything in any logs either. Firewall and SELinux are both disabled at the moment.

Any help where to look would be great.


Hi Michael,

There some denials, from aureport triggered by cobbler but I even disabled the selinux just to test but of no avail.


On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 8:08 PM, Michael Mraka <michael mraka redhat com> wrote:
Lupin Deterd wrote:
% That doesn't solve the issue either, what I happened is I was able to
% create one ks distro before this and deleted it then try re-create and
% comes the problem.
% [root spacewalk rhn]# ls -l
% /var/satellite/distro-trees/centos6.4-x86_64/images/pxeboot/
% total 35684
% -rwxr-xr-x. 1 apache root 32491856 Oct 13 00:54 initrd.img
% -rwxr-xr-x. 1 apache root        0 Oct 13  2013 TRANS.TBL
% -rwxr-xr-x. 1 apache root  4043888 Oct 13 00:53 vmlinuz
% [root spacewalk rhn]#

Do the files have correct selinux context?
Are there any AVC denials in /var/log/audit/audit.log?
Or any other errors in /var/log/httpd/*error_log,
/var/log/tomcat*/catalina.out or /var/log/rhn/*.log?

% TIA,
% Lupin


Michael Mráka
Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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