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Re: [Spacewalk-list] latest channel synchronization

Changing my stance, therefore changing my question.


Using Oracle’s Spacewalk 2.0.


If I choose to spacewalk-clone-by-date my master 6 latest channel then I must specify a date, otherwise the default behavior is to exclude errata.


-d TO_DATE, --to_date=TO_DATE

                        Clone errata to the specified date (YYYY-MM-DD). If

                        omitted will assume no errata.


If I clone using the gui I have no choice but to use all errata or no errata and I have no intention of selecting errata manually.


I want to clone my latest channel, which includes all errata, to my dev channel but only include security errata. 

Assuming the previous statement is true:

1.      How is this accomplished?

2.      Will it prevent a revision upgrade (from 6.5 to 6.6)?














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I have a spacewalk setup where I have the following channels sync’d, I refer to these as my master channels.  Other than the base channel they are sync’d on a regular basis.


5 Latest

6 Latest

5.5 Install Media (base)

        5.5 Patch

6.5 Install Media (base)

        6.5 Patch



I have channels that I “distribute” to my clients via activation keys they are as follows:


5.5 Base

        5.5 Patch (Security Only)

        5 Latest (Security Only) –to-date=2011-01-12



6.5 Base

        6.5 Patch (Security Only)

        6 Latest (Security Only) –to-date=2011-01-12



At present using the clone-by-date command prevents the latest channel to upgrade to the next release, for example 5.5 to 5.6 or from 6.5 to 6.6. 


Was curious how you all get those latest packages distributed to your machines and prevent the revision or “dot” upgrades.  There are some updates that are not published in the patch channel but are in the latest channel.















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