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[Spacewalk-list] Task Schedules not running automatically

Hi All,

I have recently deployed spacewalk and just noticed that after
uploading new packages the repodata is not being created.  I have to
manually go into "Admin->Task Schedules" in spacewalk ui and click on
channel-repodata-bunch in order for it to work.  After the manual run
everything updates fine and the client starts seeing the new rpm
versions.  I have made sure that the taskomatic service is running and
even tried restarting it without any luck.  I also see the following
schedule that is enabled:

channel-repodata-default 0 * * * * ? 2014-09-17 18:04:36 PDT

Am I missing a quartz package or something?  Do I need to do something
to make sure these tasks run automatically on a scheduled time?  I am
using spacewalk version 2.2 and here is the quartz package I have

# rpm -qa | grep -i quartz

Any help would be appreciated.


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