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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk LDAP Web-User authentication

Ah, It’s working now.


The /etc/pam_ldap.conf was wrong.

Instead of using authconfig-tui, you have to edit this file manually.





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I’m running spacewalk on centos 6.6 successfully.

I’m now trying to enable Web-User Authentification with LDAP-Service, but without any success, I’m getting the catalina-error “PAM login for user User failed with error Authentication failure”.


What I did:


Installed packages nss-pam-ldapd authconfig

# authconfig-tui with setting


User Information:

-          Use Ldap



-          Use MD5

-          Use Shadow Passwords

-          Use LDAP Authentication

As Server I’m using our LDAP / AD, Base DN is also correct.


In /etc/rhn/rhn.conf I added


pam_auth_service = rhn-satellite


in /etc/pam.d/rhn-satellite



auth required pam_env.so

auth sufficient pam_ldap.so no_user_check

auth required pam_deny.so

account required pam_ldap.so no_user_check


Is there a way to check if PAM is working?




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