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Re: [Spacewalk-list] Registering Clients in Spacewalk 2.2

1) centos is virtually same as centos, its needed for both

2) yup

On 19 February 2015 at 22:28, Jason Calafiore <jason calafiore gmail com> wrote:

Hi All,

 I am testing Spacewalk and trying to register my first CentOS client. I am following the directions on the main documentation.




According to the directions I need to install on the client OS

  • Install spacewalk-client-repo RPM
  • Do a yum install rhn-client-tools rhn-check rhn-setup rhnsd m2crypto yum-rhn-plugin


  1. Are those yum packages needed for CentOS or only RHEL?
  2. The client OS is not connected to the internet, hence the reason I am want to use spacewalk to do patch management. So the main issue is how to get the necessary RPM’s on the client. I’ve downloaded the spacewalk-client-repo on the Spacewalk server and added it /var/www/html so that I could download and install it from the client. Is this what others have done to deal with this situation?

Thank you,


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