[Spacewalk-list] Upgrade Fedora25->26 only with spacewalk and commandline

Michael Mraka michael.mraka at redhat.com
Fri Dec 1 14:58:29 UTC 2017

Fabian Bosch:
> Hello
> Do you have any experience in upgrading Fedora25-Clients with
> Spacewalk to Fedora26?
> The official procedure with 'sudo dnf system-upgrade download
> --releasever=26' cannot work because the channel-subscriptions in
> Spacewalk cannot serve F26-packages at this point.
> Is there a way to prepare the System via commandline like: update 25
> then switch channel-subscriptions to 26 (on spacewalk-server) and
> afterwards dnf upgrade to 26 ?

Hello Fabian,

Just an idea from the top of my head (not tested):
1) create and sync Fedora26 channels in Spacewalk server
2) subscribe Fedora25 clients to Fedora26 channels (from webUI via System group)
3) unsubscribe Fedora25 clients from Fedora25 channels 
4) run 'dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=26' (from webUI via
remote commands)

> I think the procedure above, if existing, should work also for
> upgrades F26 to F27.
> Thanks!
> Fabian


Michael Mráka
System Management Engineering, Red Hat

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