[Spacewalk-list] How to retire a channel?

Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at netatlantic.com
Mon Dec 11 22:48:48 UTC 2017

Why don't you simply rename the channel from the gui, otherwise leaving the repo associated with the channel (but removing and scheduled repo sync)?  If you want to keep the packages, I think you stop there.


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I've been trying to research this and it appear to me that the "Retired Channel" tab is used only when Red Hat retires a channel in RHN, and the channel would then get retired in Satellite/Spacewalk.  Is that correct?

What do others do when you are no longer using a channel?  Do you delete it, or just leave it?    I've considered making a clone of it, so I can rename it, with something like "Archive" or similar in the name so everyone knows that this channel is for references only.

If I archive the channel, I don't need the corresponding repository, correct?  Can I remove that so no one attempts to initiate a sync.

Any thoughts on the subject?



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Subject: [Spacewalk-list] How to retire a channel?

I have an older SLES 11 SP3 channel that I would like to retire.  SP3 went EOL over a year ago, and I don't have any clients registered to use it, but I would like to keep the channel and packages if possible.  I see a "Retired Channels"  tab, but I don't see a way to change the status of the channel.


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