[Spacewalk-list] proper way of migrating satellite server RHEL6 => RHEL7

Michael Mraka michael.mraka at redhat.com
Tue Dec 12 10:23:05 UTC 2017

Florin Portase:
> Hello,
> In our environment, we try to migrate a spacewalk server from rhel 6 to 7.
> So:
> - orig => 1xVM RHEL6  [ 1xdisk for OS + 1xdisk 300G ] for
> /var/satellite/redhat;
>                     OS  with spacewalk installed , using an external
> postgres DB ( clustered  )
> - dst  => 1xVM RHEL7 with same postgresDB from previous step
> - exported vg rhn_data_vg
> So, I just attached the old disk from previous machine to the new one ,
> import rhn_data_vg.
> Now , in order to connect to same database, what would be the next step  ?

Hello Florin,

If you have Spacewalk already installed on your RHEL7 server reconfigure it
to use the external database (db_* options in /etc/rhn/rhn.conf).
In case you are going to install it use:
        spacewalk-setup --external-postgresql --skip-db-population 
and point it to the external postgresql when asked for db credentials.

...and of course don't forget about backup in case someting go wrong :).


Michael Mráka
System Management Engineering, Red Hat

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