[Spacewalk-list] Question about perl with API

Tânia Agulhas Marques Valente [EE] (SSI) tania.marques.valente at cgd.pt
Mon Dec 18 10:48:19 UTC 2017


I am trying to make a perl script to add a child channel to a client system in Spacewalk.

I am relatively new with perl , managed to already make some that really help me a lot and I wanted to go further.

But I am getting an error and it seems I am not getting nowhere. Maybe someone can help me.

The script is:


use Frontier::Client;

use Data::Dumper;

use warnings;

use 5.010;

my $num_args = $#ARGV + 1;

if ( $num_args < 2 ){

print "\nInsufficient Arguments !AddSystemToChannel.pl ficheiro_com_systems_IDs channel\n" ;



my $HOST = 'spaceserver';

my $user = 'username';

my $pass = 'user_pass';

my $file=$ARGV[0];

my $channel=$ARGV[1];

my $client = new Frontier::Client(url => "http://$HOST/rpc/api");

my $session = $client->call('auth.login',$user, $pass);

my $isDir = 1;

open (FILE, $file) or print "O ficheiro $file não existe";

open (FILE2, $channel) or print "O ficheiro $channel não existe";

while (!eof(FILE) and !eof(FILE2)) {

my $record = <FILE>;

my $chanel = <FILE2>;

#$bb = $client->call('channel.listMyChannels', $session);

#foreach my $chanelsAll (@$bb) {

#my $label = $chanelsAll->{'label'};

#my $idchanels = $chanelsAll->{'id'};

$systemInChanel = $client->call('system.config.addChannels', $session, $record, $chanel, $client->boolean($isDir));

&checkRetVal("Set config channel (s): $record",$systemInChanel);


$client->call('auth.logout', $session);

I pass two arguments, that are files. Just for test "file" has a client ID (1000010378) and "file2" has the name of the chilchanel (spacewalk_cli2.6_rh6_64).

The error I get is:

Fault returned from XML RPC Server, fault code -1: com.redhat.rhn.common.translation.TranslationException: Could not find translator for class java.lang.String to interface java.util.List

I assumed there is something wrong with $chanel, since that is the string and $record is an integer. Both must be arrays, and that's why I make a list in a file and pass it on command line (even though this test only have an entry on each file/list), I have used this before in other scripts and it worked, so I am getting to a dead end I believe because of my lack of knowledge in perl. But you must have an objective to write a script so I am learning when I need it.

Maybe someone already used this API call and can help me.

Thank you

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