[Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk 2.7 - errata & package issues

Kalchik, Jeffery JDKalchik at landolakes.com
Mon Dec 18 20:48:25 UTC 2017

Good afternoon, all.

I've got what I think is a fairly standard methodology:  a set of release channels, that are cloned into local production channels in successive stages (dev -> qa -> production.)  This has been working fairly well for quite some time, with the exception of errata population.  I know I don't have a large installation, less than 300 client servers, and 273 distinct channels (including a sandbox set.)

Unfortunately, I have internal requirements to keep the channels fairly complete, i.e. not just the latest packages available during a channel cloning or rolling operation.  This does mean that spacewalk-clone-by-date really doesn't appear to work effectively.  And, in general, when we elect to roll content from one stage to the next, it's a complete "this point in time," all packages and errata that are currently there.  I'd like to be able to perform this content roll programmatically, rather than working through the web GUI with it's multitude of selections, clicks and confirmations.

Programmatically, I can get a list of packages from the clone_original channel without issue, and determine which packages are missing.  Calling channel.software.addPackages is pretty simple.

Errata.... That's turning out to be another story.  As all channels in use by client systems here are cloned channels, all errata should also be cloned as opposed to original, correct?  At least, from the standpoint of the original channel set creation through a cloning operation, all of the errata come in with a CL- advisory name.  Much like the package lists, I can get a list of errata from the clone_original, compare it against the current channel during a content roll operation, and determine which errata need to be clone.  It would seem that calling errata.clone into the target channel would be appropriate.  That's turning out to not be the case.  I have a rather serious issue where errata cover multiple major distribution releases.  The original errata get populated properly into the appropriate release channels, and only the proper packages for that that particular distribution release show up in that channel.  However, if I clone that errata into a channel cloned from that release channel, all packages get copied into that clone channel.  For example, an errata notice might cover an EL6 and an EL7 (derived) release.   The release/source channels will only contain the .el6 packages.  However, the dev-* clone channels after a channel roll operation now contain the .el7 packages referenced in that errata notice.

Is errata.clone behaving as intended (I'm fairly sure it is?)  Is there some other RPC API function call I should be using?

Jeff Kalchik
Systems Engineering
Land O'Lakes
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