[Spacewalk-list] OSA-Disapatcher crashed

Vipul Sharma (DevOps) sharma.vipul at in.g4s.com
Tue Dec 19 11:33:45 UTC 2017

Hello Engineers,

After failed upgrade with 2.7 - We rolled back to the prior version 2.6,
The only problem i'm facing is this strange issue - I have googled a lot,
But need some expert advice on this -

2*017/12/19 11:30:20 -00:00 4849 <>:
rhnSQL/driver_postgresql._execute_wrapper('Executing SQL: "select * from
rhnPushClient where jabber_id = %(p1)s" with bind params: {p1:
osad-3598066646 at spacewalk.javelin.g4s.com/osad}

*2017/12/19 11:30:20 -00:00 4849 <>:
osad/jabber_lib.main('ERROR', 'Error caught:')*


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