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Can tux 'proxy' for the user space daemon?

(Apologies for the long preamble -
 my question is 5 paragraphs down ).

Admittedly I have not tried TUX at all,
but have been going through the docs to 
see what TUX is capable of.

One nice application I can see for TUX
is related to apache + mod_perl. mod_perl
bloats apache children so as to considerably
reduce the maximum number of simultaneuous 

The recommended answer to this problem is
to run a "reverse proxy (squid or mod_proxy)" 
that delivers static content directly and proxies
the dynamic content to/from a mod_perl server.

It would be great if TUX is someday capable of 
replacing the "reverse proxy" kludge for mod_perl.
>From skimming the docs, it seems that 

TUX on port 80 +
apache on 8080

seems to fit this bill.

Question: In this setup, how does TUX behave wrt 
HTTP/1.1 keepalives to/from apache? 

Say apache is configured with mod_perl, and 
keepalives are disabled on apache.
Is TUX capable of maintaining keepalives on the 
browser <-> TUX connection, while maintaining a 
separate "pool" of (closed) TUX <-> apache connections?

If I'm way off here on how TUX works  (or will work),
please correct me!

Joe Schaefer

SunStar Systems, Inc.

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