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Re: Can tux 'proxy' for the user space daemon?

On 6 Oct 2000, Joe Schaefer wrote:

> Is TUX capable of maintaining keepalives on the browser <-> TUX
> connection, while maintaining a separate "pool" of (closed) TUX <->
> apache connections?

if TUX sees a request that is redirected to Apache, then all remaining
requests on the connection are redirected to Apache as well. TUX wont ever
see that connection again, the redirection works by 'trimming' all
previous input up to the request which goes to Apache, then the socket
itself is hung into Apache's listen socket, as if it came as a unique
request from the browser. This technique is completely transparent both to
Apache and to the browser. There is no mechanizm to 'bounce back' a
connection from Apache to TUX. (while connections do get bounced back and
forth between the kernel and user-space TUX modules.)

so eg. if the first 2 request within a single persistent HTTP/1.1
connection can be handled by TUX then it will be handled by TUX, and the
third (and all succeeding) requests will be redirected to Apache. Logging
will happen by TUX for the first 2 requests, and the remaining requests
will be logged by Apache.


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