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Re: Can tux 'proxy' for the user space daemon?

Ingo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu> writes:

> On 6 Oct 2000, Joe Schaefer wrote:
> > Is TUX capable of maintaining keepalives on the browser <-> TUX
> > connection, while maintaining a separate "pool" of (closed) TUX <->
> > apache connections?
> if TUX sees a request that is redirected to Apache, then all remaining
> requests on the connection are redirected to Apache as well. TUX wont ever
> see that connection again, the redirection works by 'trimming' all
> previous input up to the request which goes to Apache, then the socket
> itself is hung into Apache's listen socket, as if it came as a unique
> request from the browser. This technique is completely transparent both to
> Apache and to the browser. There is no mechanizm to 'bounce back' a
> connection from Apache to TUX. (while connections do get bounced back and
> forth between the kernel and user-space TUX modules.)
> so eg. if the first 2 request within a single persistent HTTP/1.1
> connection can be handled by TUX then it will be handled by TUX, and the
> third (and all succeeding) requests will be redirected to Apache. Logging
> will happen by TUX for the first 2 requests, and the remaining requests
> will be logged by Apache.
> 	Ingo

Too bad- this means that HTTP/1.1 pages generated by an apache module won't 
benefit from TUX serving the images and stylesheet links contained therein. I 
guess disabling keepalives on the apache connection is (still) the only way 
to go.

I still think it would be cool if there was some hack to make this work- 
perhaps a TUX "gateway" module could do it?  Instead of handing off a 
request directly to apache, maybe a (user-space) TUX module could hand it 
off and then return control back to TUX when the page has been delivered.
Is such a "gateway" TUX module viable?

Joe Schaefer

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