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Re: interfacing between tux and Apache

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Ray Bryant wrote:

> What is the current state of using Apache as a user space web server to
> handle the requests that TUX can't?  

Seems to work.  ;-)

> Is there a TUX module for Apache,
> or is someone working on same, or is there some non-Apache path of
> creating a full function web server using TUX and some other user space
> web server?

The essential setup is that you run TUX on port 80 (called the "server" port),
and your httpd goes on port 8080 (called the "client" port.. can be whatever
you want).  If TUX doesn't understand how to handle a request, it will 
hand the connection over to the httpd and let the httpd deal with it.  The
httpd doesn't have to be Apache, and other than forwarding connections I don't 
think there's much interaction betwixt TUX and the httpd.   Also, TUX doesn't
have to be the "server", either.

Take it easy,

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