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Re: HTTP Proxy

I'd be interested to hear more about what you have accomplished. Is your 
code available online anywhere?


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On 10/19/00, 5:51:53 PM, Adam "D." Bradley <artdodge@cs.bu.edu> wrote 
regarding Re: HTTP Proxy:

> Darrin Thompson wrote:
> >
> > Igor and friends,
> >
> > Have you considered implementing http proxy capabilities in a TUX kernel
> > module? It seems like TUX is the ideal place for a proxy.
> >
> > * That I know of, no one has implemented a really good (free) proxy that
> > can perform the new functions in HTTP 1.1 spec.
> >
> > * The HTTP 1.1 proxy features include some HTTP headers directly related
> > to caching. TUX seems well suited to handling these.

> I'm working on an event-driven user-space proxy cache that implements
> HTTP/1.1.  (For the record, I intend to GPL it once I've stabized it.)
> And it is neither fun nor easy.  No, let me rephrase.  The last
> version was threaded, and that was really hard to get right.  Doing
> HTTP/1.1 proxying and caching with an event-driven server, including
> all of the MUSTs and most of the SHOULDs, is nightmarish.  There are
> WAY too many corner cases outlined in the spec.  (And it has lots of
> gotchas that tend to rear their ugly heads only after you've spent
> two months on design that has nasty interactions with unspoken
> assumptions and subtleties of the BNF.)  And from the looks of
> the TUX code, the current authors seem intersted in avoiding corner
> cases at all costs.  (Examples: A valid HTTP header doesn't need a
> space after the ":".  Header line folding is ignored.  I could go
> on...)

> A pure HTTP/1.1 proxy (no caching) might be a reasonable possibility...
> it'll require some more infrastructure (f.e. a DNS resolver), but it's
> at least a managable project.

> Adam

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