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Velobahn? [Akamba | Products | Velobahn(TM) Information]

Can anyone comment on this product?

Does it work as advertised , are there issues with this approach?

Russell Leighton
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Title: Akamba | Products | Velobahn(TM) Information
Akamba Corporation


The following are product features for VelobahnTM. If you would like to download the information as a PDF file, please click here.

Product Features and Benefits

Features Benefits

Offloads connection processing burden from Internet servers

Dramatically increases server capacity?up to 4x

Reduces server response times?more than 100 times

Increases Web site availability

Provides Flash Crowd protection

Complementary with networking infrastructure systems, e.g. load balancers, switches, caching servers

Transparent integration into existing data networks

High-speed onboard PowerPCTM microprocessor

Frees up server CPU to process web content

Manages thousands of concurrent connections

Plugs into standard PCI slot?short card form factor

Transparently integrates into existing servers

Places no additional demand for valuable rack space

Large on-board memory

Increases concurrent connections

Reduces host server memory requirements

Multiple OS support: FreeBSD x86 3.3; Linux Kernel x86 2.0, 2.2, 2.4; Windows 2000; Solaris x86 7.0, 8.0 and Solaris SPARC 7.0, 8.0

Compatible with popular web server operating systems

Software Upgradeable

Minimizes network downtime

Multi-card capable

Coexists with existing network interface

10/100 Mbps auto-sense / auto-negotiation

Automatically provides highest network performance and compatibility
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