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Re: Velobahn? [Akamba | Products | Velobahn(TM) Information]

my *guess* is that it sits between the client and the server, and buffers
the responses sent by the webserver.  this will let the webserver free up
its own resources long before the client has finished receiving all the

if that's true, then apache + dynamic engine such as mod_perl, or one of
the various java servers is probably the source of the "4x" improvement
claims.  however even the thread based servers are going to benefit from
freeing up the threads early.

but if you, say, stuck a squid in front of your apache you'd see much less
benefit from the device.

fwiw, when i designed apache-2.0 i attempted to allow for an
"asynchronous/thread hybrid".  my goal was to let most of the request
processing require a thread from a worker pool; but once a bulk object had
been decided on, it could be passed to an asynchronous engine to send the
response.  most response objects fit into a few simple to serve categories
-- copy a mem region; copy a file; copy a pipe/socket.  the thread-based
request processing lets apache modules remain as "simple" as they are
today.  (haha.)

well anyhow, async is hard for most folks, which is why we didn't want to
push it into the module API.

so, the above is just a guess, i haven't touched the card.

my own personal opinion is that cards like this have a very limited
lifetime of usefulness.

and i suspect TUX has reduced this cards usefulness :)


On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Russell Leighton wrote:

> Can anyone comment on this product?
> Does it work as advertised , are there issues with this approach?
> http://www.akamba.com/products/velobahn_features.jsp
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