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Re: virtual servers doesn't work

the symbolic links are all relative and every domain*.com directory has its www.domain*.com link pointing at it...

sorry, i've no idea how to debug it... i'm just a php programmer :(

if somebody can help me to analyze the problem, you are welcome...

thanx and best regards


Ingo Molnar wrote:

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, skunk wrote:

i've several virtual servers on a single server (some runnining on it's
own ip and some on the same ip).

i've the following directory structure:


please use CONFIG_TUX_DEBUG and Dprintk on a testbox to see why the lookup fails.

But normally you should also put some links to common variations of the
domain name into the directory, eg. www.domain1.com should link to the
domain1.com directory.  Important: if you are using symbolic links, they
should either be relative, or should point to the directory with a root of
'/www/vs'. Eg.  in your case the symbolic link should point to
/domain1.com, not /www/vs/domain1.com. The reason is that TUX puts itself
into a chroot jail. (which limits kernel code file operations as well.)


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