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Latest Tux 2.0 2.4.5 Kernel version STILL crashes under heavy load.

   for the last few months I have been pulled off on to other things, but now I am back to test Tux.  You may remember that I have reported a problem with Tux (I was able to repeat it with each new release of Tux) where I hit it hard and it eventually dies/hangs.  I am running Tux 2.0 2.4.5 kernel build and tux-2.1.0 Tux build on a 4-way Linux 7.1 Server.  I have 10 clients that run from 1-25 threads each requesting a single HTML page from Tux.  After so many runs, one of the 4 processors on the Linux Server goes to 100%, with the other 3 going essentially to zero.  The clients continue to hit Tux hard, getting a few responses back, with most returning errors.  My Trans/Sec (Pages/sec) will drop to something like 5, 10 or 15 pages/sec from the thousands.

We at IBM would REALLY like to see this problem identified and fixed.  What can I do to help you?  What information can I give to you?  I see that as of yesterday, there is a newly modified kernel Tux download for 2.4.8, but my guess is that it will exhibit this same problem that I have been able to recreate for months.

Rodney Thomas
(919) 993-4428

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