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RE: specweb

   Most of the tux results submitted to specweb have kernel .configs,
none of the results tell you which kernel version they compiled.
They also leave out which tux patch they used.
In some cases the tux configuration options dont match up to 
the version of tux utils that was said to be run.

when they recompile the kernel they are no longer running "out of the box"

Also, I dont have a clear idea of which tux version the CAD_u api is 
compatible with. Or does the CAD_u api have multiple versions ?
I haven't seen any version numbers associated with this api.

I dont see anyway to recreate these companies results without 
  kernel version and full tux version.

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aaron.mcsorley@amd.com wrote:
>  I'm trying to benchmark tux with specweb.
>     could someone suggest a working combination of
>         kernel version
>         tux version
>         and Cad_u source
>  I've tried alot of combinations with no luck.
> specweb gives me this ... ERROR: Substitution in custom ad scan is
> incorrect
> so I'd like to have a known good set of kernel, tux, and CAD_u to
> start with.
> Also, where would I download older tux patches and utilities ? i.e....
> tux 2.0.25

ostensibly, any of the configurations used in the submittals you can
find at www.spec.org should work, pretty much right out of the box.
unless of course, something was left-out of the disclosure, or something
else that might require some attention

rick jones
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