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TCP parameters


Im running redhat 7.1 (seawolf) and Im confused to try and figure out the
optimal values for tcp_rmem, tcp_app_win, tcp_adv_win_scale and how these
values are used to get at a value for the TCP receive window.
In http://www.linuxhq.com/kernel/v2.4/doc/networking/ip-sysctl.txt.html It
is stated that:

Default tcp_rmem: 87380 bytes. This value results in window of 65535 with
default setting of tcp_adv_win_scale and tcp_app_win:0

Any explanations as to how to get to these values using the values and
formulae for tcp_adv_win_scale and tcp_app_win will be appreciated.

Also tcp_tw_recycle is stated as a default of ONE, and shouldnt be touched
unless without expert advice. On my default redhat 7.1 installation, I got a
value of zero. Can ayone expert enlighten me please or point me in the right
direction for any relevant docs.

Thanks alot


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