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RE: system hangs

I have seen this as well (with an athlon go figure)
  it looks like an APIC issue to me

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Subject: Re: system hangs

"Vishwanath T.K." wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to this list and need some help.
> I downloaded the latest TUX programs (kernel patch and user space
> and was able to successfully compile the kernel. When i boot the system
> this kernel my sysetm hangs just after displaying loading of the IDE
> Since i have enabled the 'Verbose BUG() reporting' under kernel hacking,
> says that there is some problem with softirq.c file. I am not a programmer
> i could not figure out the problem this this file.
> My configuration:
> Distro- RH7.1
> Kernel Version - 2.5.5
> TUX patch - tux2-full-2.4.5-B6.bz2

Hmm, I have the same problem here with my Athlon system. I tried to disable
busmaster DMA for IDE but it didn't change anything.

Sorry don't have the time to check vanilla 2.4.5 or 2.4.5-ac4.

Bye, Marcus


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