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Virtual hosts

Hey guys,

I've just setup and configured TUX and Apache on a 7.1 box. I seem to have
gotten the configuration fine for making Tux serve static files in the
docroot directory, and Apache catching and serving evertyhing else (i.e
php). The one thing I"m stuck on / unsure of however is the virtual server
support in Tux.

Ideally I want Tux to serve the html files not only in the document root
directory, but also located in other html directories. For example, if my
document root is /home/web/www/ , I also want it to serve
/home/anth/anthcourtney.com/www/ and so on for other users / domains on this
box. Is it possible to do this in tux, or should I just use Apache to do
this as I have in the past?

The way I figure it is that I have to set virtual_servers to 1, create
directories such as


etc and then symlink these directories to


so that index.html which resides in /home/domainuser/domain.com/ will be
served when someone accesses http://www.domain.com

Is this right? If not, how do I go about it?

thanks in advance,

 Anth Courtney - Programmer / Systems Administrator
anth@pnc.com.au - Planet Netcom - www.pnc.com.au

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