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Re: Virtual hosts

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Anth Courtney wrote:

> The way I figure it is that I have to set virtual_servers to 1, create
> directories such as
> /home/web/www/domain.com
> /home/web/www/domain2.com
> etc and then symlink these directories to
> /home/domainuser/domain.com
> /home/domain2user/domain2.com
> so that index.html which resides in /home/domainuser/domain.com/ will be
> served when someone accesses http://www.domain.com
> Is this right? If not, how do I go about it?

yes. But keep in mind that right now TUX chroots to docroot, so all
symbolic links should be relative to your docroot. So your domain.com and
domain2.com directories should be in your docroot. (If this is undesirable
then we can add a 'mass_docroot' string as well - which in your case could
be set to /home/domainusers.) If there is no hostname passed by the
browser then TUX defaults to docroot.

i'd also suggest to create a few host-alias symlinks as well, such as
"www.domain.com", because TUX's hostname canonization only does a
uppercase->lowercase conversion. (plus it does some security checking to
make sure the hostname does not include any '/', \0 and other nasties.)


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