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tux logging

hello! a couple of questions:
(i'm using the distribution in redhat 7.1 )

1- does tux2w3c do things right?
   i'm using my apache logs and
   as my reference.

   it gets the bytes-sent and the status switched.
   also, the date is not [bracketed], and is in a
   different format from Apache. (though i'm not
   sure what the proper date format is.)

2- is anyone running reports on these logs with analog
   or another tool? if so, can you share some config?

also, a few suggestions for new logging features:
(i don't think these would cause much bloat.)

1- a virtual_server_logging option. eg, it would
   prepend each log line with the virtual host name.
2- A do-not-log-these-mime-types/extensions field
3- maybe the user-agent too, for a full combined-log format.

thanks for any feedback!

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