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Re: Greetings!

Russell Leighton wrote:
> I tried this in a simple stupid out of the 7.1 box kinda a way (using the tux version
> supplied by RH w/71.) and serving was much
> slower when using tux for static data and delgated php pages to apache....apache for both was faster in my app.
> If I compare static serving between tux and apache, then tux was faster...the strange this was  when
> I had a dynamic page that referenced many static images it was very much slower with
> the tux/apache combo. I probably didn't tune/config it right.

this sounds like not using tux, e.g. the docroot may be set wrong
or tux denied serving the pages because of security reasons. 
Do you have verified that tux was acutally serving the pages.
e.g. by looking in the logfile or looking in the http header,
(wget -S http://you/urs) ?

For my setup TUX is a big performance boost (scaling better and having
lower latency).

	hope this helps
vi is my shepard, I shall not font

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