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Re: Greetings!

Good call...next time I do this, I'll check more carefully.

Joerg Beyer wrote:

> Russell Leighton wrote:
> >
> > I tried this in a simple stupid out of the 7.1 box kinda a way (using the tux version
> > supplied by RH w/71.) and serving was much
> > slower when using tux for static data and delgated php pages to apache....apache for both was faster in my app.
> > If I compare static serving between tux and apache, then tux was faster...the strange this was  when
> > I had a dynamic page that referenced many static images it was very much slower with
> > the tux/apache combo. I probably didn't tune/config it right.
> >
> this sounds like not using tux, e.g. the docroot may be set wrong
> or tux denied serving the pages because of security reasons.
> Do you have verified that tux was acutally serving the pages.
> e.g. by looking in the logfile or looking in the http header,
> (wget -S http://you/urs) ?
> For my setup TUX is a big performance boost (scaling better and having
> lower latency).
>         hope this helps
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