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Re: Dynamic content and tux

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From: "Nick Hofstede" <FnH@antwerpen.be>
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 9:38 AM
Subject: Dynamic content and tux

> Most access patterns on a site hosting dynamic content has the following
> form:
> - request dynamic page (let's say index.php)
> (browser parses page, discovers images)
> - request static img
> - request static img
> Now, the first request forces tux to pass the request and the socket to
> apache (or similar), and if persistent connections are used, the following
> two (static) requsts will also be handled by apache. It seems tux is of
> little use here ...
> You could configure apache not to use persistent connections, forcing the
> browser to reconnect for the images, but then the question is: is the
> overhead of accepting a new connection worth using tux?
> Any ideas on the subject?

I'm no guru, but isn't the overhead of a new connection
mostly from the operating system spawning the application
which provides the service to the client (and all of resource
allocation issues for that application)?  In other words, most
of the expense of a new connection is eliminated with tux?


Tom Harvill

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