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Re: Dynamic content and tux

dean gaudet <dean-list-tux-list@arctic.org> writes:

> On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Nick Hofstede wrote:
> > You could configure apache not to use persistent connections, forcing the
> > browser to reconnect for the images, but then the question is: is the
> > overhead of accepting a new connection worth using tux?
> most people find they have to disable persistent connections when their
> apache server gets sufficiently loaded anyhow.

But unless you're suggesting the same is true for tux, this doesn't
really address the issue.  Assuming keepalives are a desirable feature
for tux, that only a small portion of your requests are for dynamic 
content, and your apache process is relatively expensive (memory or 
performance wise), it makes a lot of sense to involve apache only when 

> i think it wouldn't be huge surgery to allow idle connections to be passed
> back to tux rather than letting apache close or sit on them.  ingo would
> be able to comment more.

Having asked this exact question long ago, the impression I got was 
that it's possible to return the connection back to tux by using the 
same call that hands the connection off to apache in the first place.

Perhaps a special tux module or an apache patch is required?  If more
specifics on how to do this were discussed, I'd be glad to help look 
into it.

Joe Schaefer

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