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Re: [patch] 2.4.9-ac7-D3

Any idea about the spurious 404 errors that occur since the new virtual
server implementation? And what is the default for ETag-support?
Personally I would suggest turning it on per default as the people who
don't need it (Benchmark environments) should be smart enough to turn it
off. All other people will only benefit from it.

I'll most certainly upgrade to it cause I'm experiencing weird problems
with 2.4.x and I hope every time a new kernel will fix it. Given I'm
currently trying to push TUX as an option for high performance content
delivery in a business project I need all the stability I can get. Any
patch you can put out before say 4PM GMT for the next 4 Sundays is gonna
be a brick in the wall for proving TUX can manage a real life environment
(which I don't doubt by itself except for the fact that 2.4 barfs
regularly on me).

Dirk Moerenhout ///// System Administrator ///// Planet Internet NV

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> i've released the -D3 patch which can be downloaded from the usual place:
>   http://redhat.com/~mingo/TUX-patches/tux2-full-2.4.9-D3.bz2
>   http://redhat.com/~mingo/TUX-patches/tux2-full-2.4.9-ac7-D3.bz2
> - the ARP problems should be fixed. (fix from Willy Tarreau)
> - merged to -ac7
> - etag support can now be turned on/off runtime via the
>   /proc/sys/net/tux/generate_etags tunable. The goal is to reduce the
>   runtime and network-bandwidth overhead somewhat.
> as always, bugreports, fixes, comments, suggestions are welcome.
> 	Ingo
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