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[patch] 2.4.9-ac9-E6

well, the fourth patch of the day, -E6:


this patch has mostly TUX/FTP related fixes:

 - do the 200msec fixes properly, by integrating 'packet push' capability
   into the abuf mechanizm. nonagle=2 works now under all circumstances.

 - wait for active clients to accept the server connect - this creates one
   more packet roundtrip on downloads but unbreaks unrobust clients like
   lynx. (lynx would hang occasionally on downloads - it doesnt anymore.)

 - new /proc/sys/net/tux/ip_logging tunable, defaults to 1. If 0 then all
   IP addresses are replaced by so effectively no IP logging takes

right now there are no known TUX/FTP bugs/incompatibilities left. As
always, bugreports, fixes, comments, suggestions welcome.


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