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Re: tux-list digest, Vol 1 #216 - 11 msgs

tux-list-request@redhat.com wrote:
> > o     What does generate_etags do?
> it turns on etags - it's default enabled in -D8.

That didn't help much...

ETAGS are the newest form of timestamps.  They allow clients to cache
content and verify that the cache copy is up to date with the server
using a short exchange.  You can find more information on ETags at the
W3C site.

> the issue is that TUX/FTP sends reply messages too fast so they get
> coalesced by the Linux TCP stack. lynx gets confused if the "150 Opening
> BINARY mode data connection" and the "226 Transfer complete" replies
> arrive in the same packet over the control socket.

[laughing out loud...]

So basically, you're saying that TUX/FTP is SOO FAST, that it completes
the transfer before the other end even knows it's been started.

This almost sounds like it's "faster than light!" and might even violate
cause and effect.

That is SO COOL!

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