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Re: kernel crashes

Your problem sounds quite similar to mine. When your server crashes does
it crash in such a way that you can still ping it but TCP-traffic (WWW,
SSH, ...) is unresponsive?

I'm facing similar problems as soon as my servers are somewhat loaded
making them crash regularly as long as they are used.

Dirk Moerenhout ///// System Administrator ///// Planet Internet NV

On Sat, 8 Sep 2001, skunk wrote:

> 2.4.9-ac9 like the 2.4.8 series are crashing my webserver within 24
> hours uptime :(
> the lastest good working kernel was 2.4.5-ac4, but due a bug (?) that
> doesn't permit me to see the server from within the server itself (i
> can't ping mydomain.com from within the server, but from outside i can)
> i'm still trying to figure out which is the lastest stable kernel that
> will permit my webserver to run flawless for more than just few hours...
> i'm running 2.4.7-ac11 (without the tux patch) since just 1 hour now, if
> it'll stay up for the next 3-4 days without troubles, i'll use it as
> default kernel.
> i'm sorry i can't tell you more because i can access to the server only
> from remote and there is nothing useful in the logs for understanding
> what's the problem...
> it's also possible i've made some mistakes (but i don't think so because
> the 2.4.5-ac4 kernel worked flawless 1 week long with the same
> configuration), in any case attached to this message you can find the
> dmesg (from 2.4.7, but it's identical to the 2.4.9's one) and the kernel
> config files.
> thanks
> frank

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